£373 Added to the Pot

I am delighted to say following the end of the #NOBOOZECHOCOLATECAKEORCRISPSATHON!!! I have added £373 to the pot, all of which has gone to Maggie’s Centres through my Just Giving Page.  Everyone of you wonderful people who sponsored me is just mindblowing and amazing. Thank you so much.

I have updated the Totaliser page to reflect this.  Good times 🙂

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What A Difference A Month Makes…


So there it is the #  is over.  I have found it tough, but I have learned a lot about myself.  Over the course of the month I have raised £368 (so far for Maggie’s Centres – Donate here @ https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/NoBoozeHere) which is amazing 🙂  I have also without doubt benefited in so many ways.  No, it wasn’t fun hitting the roads in a freezing cold January (for over 135km!) but it was immensely satisfying to smash my PB times for both the 5km and 10km distance.  It’s a buzz to know that I have gone from taking 78minutes to do a 10km on 1st January to under 55mins now.  Next up is the half marathon distance test!

Along the way I have managed to shed a stone and a half, ten whole kilos!  I’m still much heavier than I would like to be, but I can feel my fitness levels steadily rising, and am looking forward to continuing this journey.  I am not going to lie, total abstinence will not be happening, everyone deserves treats (oh that galaxy caramel tasted good at midnight haha!) but I have learned that I don’t need the constant unhealthy snacks, the crisps and pastries etc that you don’t think do that much damage do so much.  It’s amazing how nice healthy food can taste, and I am loving how good it has made me feel, all while raising money for a wonderful charity.

Here’s to a healthy February.   If I can do it, so can you!

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I am delighted to say I have just tallied up all the fundraising for the last four months of 2016, including a HUGELY successful Celebrity Xmas Card Auction.  When everything is pulled together and all is said and done, I am more than chuffed to say…

I have added another £6743.08 into the total, which kick starts my fundraising for the 2017 London Marathon in style.  All of this money is flying to Children with Cancer UK through the eBay for Charity programme and Just Giving.

Wow, I am bit stunned if I am honest, I didn’t realise it had gone THAT well.  Other totals (which you can check out on my TOTALISER page) which are important at this stage are…

Total Raised for Children with Cancer UK since I started fundraising – £31780.23

Overall total of ALL my fundraising since I began with Trek Peru in 2006 – £69179.23

As you would expect, I am not stopping there, indeed there have already been more sales in the last week, as part of that London Marathon fundraising which will be totalled up nearer the time, and the #NOBOOZECHOCOLATECAKEORCRISPSATHON which is raising loads for Maggie’s Centres.  Let’s get this total even higher folks 🙂

I would like to thank every person who has supported me in getting to this total. Sponsors of my many crazy events, people who have donated items, those who donate time to help.  The amazing #GeordieMassive for their tireless efforts in sourcing amazing signed Xmas Cards for auction.  My awesome Sarah for putting up with my fundraising and for being gorgeous.  James Rhodes for his company while chasing down athletes and sprinting around London. You’re all beyond any thanks I can put into words and there are too many of you to name individually.


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New Year, NEW ME!

r1Well here we are, I am finally remembering to post for the first time in 2017.  Happy New Year you guys!

So what’s with the blog title?  Everyone says that at New Year right?  Correct, but I’m going to make this happen.  I am now 15 days into my #NoBoozeChocolateCakeorCrispsAthon! and wow, it’s made a difference but man do I miss chocolate!  And a nice cold G&T!  MMM G&T!  Anyways, 15 days in and I’ve not touched a chocolate, a cake.. well you get the idea.  I’ve also ran at least 30km each of the last two weeks, and managed to achieve the holy grail of Sub60mins over 10km on three occasions in the last week.  Added to that I PB’d over the distance yesterday, knocking 90seconds off my previous 10km time that I set in 2012.  That feels pretty awesome.  I am not going to lie, it feels good, eating sensibly does work, even if it really hurts to miss certain things in life.  My work colleagues seem to be enjoying tempting me with things I can’t have, but it’s all for the good in the end 🙂  Fundraising sits at £318, over 60% of my target, and I cannot thank you all enough for backing my charity work for Maggie’s Centres.  If you’d like to help me get even higher in that total you can either text RBIN99 £3 to 70070 or donate on my page here

In the meantime, auctions are going live again this week, a few have done so already, but more are on the way, supporting Children with Cancer UK.  I am also about to total the funds raised from the last four months of 2016, including the Celebrity Xmas Card Auction and update my totals… exciting 🙂

Check out what I have up for auction just now by CLICKING HERE

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Onwards and Into 2017 : New Fundraising Idea!

c1So as 2016 comes to a close, I look towards the coming year and how I am going to develop my fundraising even further.

A couple of weeks back I was visiting one of my favourite places in the world -Maggie’s Gartnavel and I realised I had let my focus slip from them in the last 12 months or so as I maintained my support for Children with Cancer UK.  So, as the new year approaches, I have launched a new fundraiser…

ROBINS NOBOOZECHOCOLATECAKEORCRISPSATHON!  The premise is simple… for at least the month of January not a drop or gram of those products will cross my lips.  There will be no sneaking drinks with a straw 😉  So, no booze, no crisps, no cake and no chocolate.  Simple as that.  I have also committed to using this fundraiser to kick start my training again with at least three 10km runs taking place every week during January.  At least.

Anyone who knows me knows this will be brutal.  Beyond brutal.  Nothing compared to what the suffering of those who need the services of Maggie’s.  They are wonderful.  No words are possible.  If I fail, I promise to match every penny of donations made to that point, but that’s not going to happen 🙂

I am beyond thankful to those of who have sponsored me for this amazing charity already, the fundraiser is less than 24 hours old and there’s already £130 in the JustGiving Pot which is 26% of my target for the event.  Wow! Thank you, you’re all amazing.

I would be more than chuffed if you could support what I am doing, it really does make a difference to what Maggie’s Centres do.  They themselves will tell you that “People with Cancer Need Places like These”, I firmly agree.  Every bit of support that can be brought to their fight is that pound more that makes a difference.

Whether or not you know, I have a rule when it comes to fundraising through sponsorship methods, and it’s simple.  One appeal a year.  I usually tag it to the London Marathon, but it’s perhaps telling about me that I consider this a bigger challenge, so it’s going to be the Event of the Year for me.  It ends the day I crack, which hopefully isn’t before 1st February!

Let’s do this …

Just Giving Donation Link

Thank You

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Last BIG Push…

jonesThe last month has been rather hectic with auctions galore online and more and more items flying out the door.  It’s now literally the last week of listing until Xmas, and there’s a record number of items on my listings, just shy of 600 as we speak. Erm, type.

Tonight I will be sticking some last minute auctions of awesome items which will be awesome Xmas Presents, like the awesome multi signed Glasgow Warriors shirt Lee Jones is holding there.  You can expect goodies like that, signed shirts from football, athletics and more to be added this evening.  Don’t miss out!

In the meantime, please check out all the awesome items I have up for grabs by…


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Xmas Cards AGOGO!!

photovisi-downloadOkay so I have been a bit quiet on here lately, as seems to be the norm, but its been a busy month or so for me between running the 2016 Celebrity Xmas Card Auction and working away.

All these dudes and dudettes pictured there are in on the auctions with items up for grabs, so you really should pop by the ebay page and have a wee look at what’s up for grabs.


It’s not just Xmas cards remember… there are doodles, shirts, photos, cards, you name I have it.  Check out the full range in what is more or less the last week you can snap stuff up before Christmas!  Get an awesome gift for someone or treat yourself 🙂

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