London Marathon PB & Funds Raised!

l1Okay, I cannot believe I have not posted this yet, but to be fair I have been on holiday gallivanting around Europe for the last three weeks, so I will use that as an excuse.  First of… LONDON BABY!  A 41 min PB over Marathon distance as I came home in 5.26.04.  Wow! I am so chuffed. I was aiming to do anything sub 6hr so do it in such style… chuffed to bits. And more.  I felt awesome at the end of the race, and literally cannot wait to run again next year.   I smashed through the half marathon mark in under 2.15 which I have never managed to get close to in the past.  I guess a bit of training and weight loss really helps, added to the new found positive mental attitude and enjoyment of running.  I did my first sub 25min 5k the other week at ParkRun as well, so I have been really feeling good when out running.  Mind you, after three weeks of holidays, croissants, beer and more in total indulgence mode, I am going to have to get back on the training wagon as it were.

In other news, I counted up all the sales made from ebay since the turn of the year, and the JustGiving donations and am delighted to have added another £7554.02 to the kitty for Children with Cancer UK, giving me a London Marathon 2017 Donation total of £14297.10!  Wow!  My highest ever donation for a single event.  I knew I had done well with auctions since the turn of the year, but that surpasses everything I thought I had raised.  I am so chuffed with this.

It takes my overall donation totals to £77143.25 which is pretty mindblowing.

My thanks to everyone who has helped me towards that total, you wonderful people who buy items, who sponsor me for events, who signed items for auction or who back me in what I do in a myriad of ways.  Thank you x

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London Marathon Week & A BIG Break

So here we go, it’s London Marathon week again, and I am feeling in the best shape I ever have going into a race.  I genuinely cannot wait to get down to London, take in the sights and sounds of the Expo and then get stuck into 26.2 miles of road racing madness!  With the Marathon this year comes a  HUGE decision from me to step back from fundraising properly for a while.  To have raised over £70k for charity has taken up a lot of time and space (a TARDIS situation often exists in my flat, or certainly the need for one) and I have decided a break is needed.  Right now I have over 400 items up for grabs in auction, and I am hoping they will help me step back with a bang and raise loads for CWCUK.  The game plan is for the final auctions to end the day after the marathon allowing me to go out in style with loads raised.

I am unsure what the future holds, but I will be back to auction items in stock later in the year, from August time as I have an awesome stock for the 2017 Celebrity Xmas Card Auction.  If you’re reading this having received one of my letters, please do still sign my items and send them back as I will be auctioning all those wonderful items at the end of the year.

I am looking forward to a wee bit of time not being surrounded by 1001 signed items and endless trips to the post office, and am incredibly proud of what I have achieved to date.

So basically… you might want to get your bids in now as that’s going to be it for a few months, and I have LOADS of awesome items up for grabs at mega bargain prices.

click here to check out the auctions

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defoeI just commented on this on my social media channels but felt the need to write some comments here too.  Back in 2011 I finished work in Edinburgh for the day and raced down to Tynecastle in the hope of meeting some of my very own heroes, the glorious Spurs team.

I remember meeting one lad, who stopped for a photo, which I was forced to take on a disposable camera in the dark as my phone had died.  Someone stepped in front of me and I thought the photo had been blocked, I swore blindly as it was mental with people swarming the players.  The player in question told me not to worry, took a step back away from the crowd and we redid the photo.

Tonight, not for the first time the same player stepped up to the mark and made a very special little kid very happy.  It’s hard not to have tears in your eyes watching the footage of young Bradley Lowery with his idol.

Jermaine Defoe, you’re a very special person.  Never change.


 bradley w

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T-Five Weeks!

darvill2So a week later and another post… I know right? I am actually blogging again!  So what’s going on?  I am chuffed to say weight is still falling off me though not at the same rate from a month of total abstention from goodies, I am still dropping which feels amazing.  I can really feel it when I am out running and cycling and this bodes well for London in five weeks.  Wow! Five weeks until I am on the start line in Greenwich again ready to rock and roll!

In the meantime, fundraising continues in earnest with amazing range of items up for grabs in support of Children with Cancer UK.  Included are loads of CWCUK vests which have been celebrity signed, including this ace one from Dr Who star Arthur Darvill.  You can find all the awesome pieces up for grabs RIGHT HERE

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Next Up : London!

rickySo as usual I have been neglecting this site, a late new year’s resolution is to get back to writing in it much more to promote the fundraising and keep you all up to date with what is going on.  So it’s March, and the next big event is the London Marathon.  I am feeling in the best shape I have ever been in, so hoping to keep that up over the next 40days or so before I take on the big one over 26.2 again.  It’s my only booked marathon for the year, and the excitement is really beginning to kick in.

Fundraising is going well, with that original total of just under £7k already in the bank for Children with Cancer UK after the success of the Xmas Card Auctions and the new year auctions boosting those by a lot.  I don’t intend to update the totaliser until the week of the race, but I am extremely confident of hitting a mini target of £10000 by the time the Marathon comes around.  In the meantime, I have loads of items up for grabs just now RIGHT HERE with more goodies coming over the weekend, including some signed Kaiser Chiefs goodies from Ricky Wilson (pictured).

If you’re not already, please do follow me on Twitter @13challenge as I do tend to keep it up to date more often!

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£373 Added to the Pot

I am delighted to say following the end of the #NOBOOZECHOCOLATECAKEORCRISPSATHON!!! I have added £373 to the pot, all of which has gone to Maggie’s Centres through my Just Giving Page.  Everyone of you wonderful people who sponsored me is just mindblowing and amazing. Thank you so much.

I have updated the Totaliser page to reflect this.  Good times 🙂

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What A Difference A Month Makes…


So there it is the #  is over.  I have found it tough, but I have learned a lot about myself.  Over the course of the month I have raised £368 (so far for Maggie’s Centres – Donate here @ which is amazing 🙂  I have also without doubt benefited in so many ways.  No, it wasn’t fun hitting the roads in a freezing cold January (for over 135km!) but it was immensely satisfying to smash my PB times for both the 5km and 10km distance.  It’s a buzz to know that I have gone from taking 78minutes to do a 10km on 1st January to under 55mins now.  Next up is the half marathon distance test!

Along the way I have managed to shed a stone and a half, ten whole kilos!  I’m still much heavier than I would like to be, but I can feel my fitness levels steadily rising, and am looking forward to continuing this journey.  I am not going to lie, total abstinence will not be happening, everyone deserves treats (oh that galaxy caramel tasted good at midnight haha!) but I have learned that I don’t need the constant unhealthy snacks, the crisps and pastries etc that you don’t think do that much damage do so much.  It’s amazing how nice healthy food can taste, and I am loving how good it has made me feel, all while raising money for a wonderful charity.

Here’s to a healthy February.   If I can do it, so can you!

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