More Olympic Awesomeness!

netballAfter an amazing couple of days at the celebrations for TeamGB in both London and Manchester, I’ve got loads of new goodies for auction having met a huge amount of legends from both the Olympics and Paralympics.

The journey started with an early morning train ride to Manchester for the recording of the Victoria Derbyshire show, where I somehow elliemanaged to sit in the second row alongside the winning GB Hockey Team which was pretty cool!

I was working on several ace signed items including some new tshirts, and also on the list of those to sign them were katehelenParalympic swimming legend Ellie Simmonds and the awesome married couple gold winning hockey stars Helen and Kate Richardson-Walsh.

The celebrations themselves in Manchester were pretty awesome, though the rain mayhammering down from the outset of the parade and through the presentations made it a bit tough to enjoy as much – especially when you’re trying to protect all your signed stuff.

Post celebrations things dried up and I managed to add even more awesome signatures to items.  One of the more awesome people I met was one of my previous supporters, none other than the Prime Minister Theresa May.  She didn’t sign any items, because it was lucky she even came over to us, but I was chuffed to get this selfie with the biggest name in UK politics just now.  There will be a signed Xmas Card up for auction from her shortly🙂  One of the highlights of the night was late on as I waited for my bus and meeting the winner of the first Paralympic Gold Medallist in Rio, Megan Giglia.  She was the last person I saw in Manchester and spent some time chatting about Rio, Charity work and more.  A genuinely lovely person.  Plus she let me wear her Gold Medal which is pretty darned cool.  joyce

Down to London the gigliafollowing day, with a rather brutal over night bus journey it was time for the London celebrations and even more awesome athletes.  The day saw some magnificent partying in Trafalgar Square and later in the night at Buckingham Palace.  New names added were Silver Medal winning boxer Joe Joyce, new swimming sensation Ellie Robinson, the Mens Sevens hinchRugby team, first Olympic Gold winner of the year and World Record holding swimming Adam Peaty, Max Whitlock, Kristian Thomas and loads more.  Wow.

Having sat with the Hockey girls first thing on the Monday, only one player had been missing… the star of the final, goalie Maddie Hinch who saved all the penalties she faced in the final to secure victory over the Dutch!  I caught up with her outside the Palace late on the Tuesday night and she signed an Xmas Card among other items.

You can find the 400+ items I have up for auction just now right HERE with Xmas Card and other amazing items for gifts. Just CLICK ON THE LINK and make magic happen🙂

MASSIVE THANKS to all the Olympians and Paralympians who spent some time signing for me over the two days, especially those who saw me several times over the course of the two days.  You’re all awesome people and truly inspirational.  Can’t wait to see you all again!

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Dunhill 2016 :)

Last week I headed through to St Andrews for the Dunhill Linksgarcia Championship and managed to meet loads of amazing people, both golfers and celebs and got some brilliant balls and new Xmas Cards signed as well as a new “best of the vest” effort. keating High on the list of meets was the awesome Andy Garcia (Ocean’s Series, Godfather Part III etc) while I was also chuffed to meet former Boyzone frontman Ronan Keating.

Among the others signing Xmas cards were Desperate Housewives and How I Met Your Mother star Kyle MacLachlan, and the Academy Award nominated actor Greg Kinnear.

quayleOne which I thought was a bit different, was meeting a former president of the United States, the 44th VP (to George Bush senior) Dan Quayle who was more than awesome when we crossed paths as he came off the 18th green.

He was kind enough to contribute to the Xmas Card auction as well as signing a golf ball which is a rather unique piece and you can expect to see them up for auction soon.


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Great Scottish Run!

medalThere’s this years Great Scottish Run finishers photo, after completing my ninth Glasgow Half Marathon in a row.  I’m looking forward to smashing that fabled Glasgow target next year by hitting number 10!

2.45.39, not my finest, a long way off last year’s PB, but what you gonna do?  Chuffed to have done it again, and completed my second half marathon in three weeks.  As a point of note, well potterdone to two of the many finishers in the men’s race… Callum Hawkins on a superb win, and James Rhodes on a stonking PB!

I added some ace goodies over the weekend, including taking the #TeamScotlandChallenge up to 93 with the addition of signatures from Beth Potter and Andrew Lemoncello just before the elite race started (thanks to both for stopping to sign)

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Olympic Awesomeness & A Wee Pep Talk!

medalI had an absolute ball at the Olympic and Paralympic homecoming event in Edinburgh on Wednesday, and what better way to be inspired in Great Scottish Run weekend than by hanging a couple of Olympic Medals round my neck?  Huge thanks to Callum Skinner for taking this photo, and for parting with his medals for a minute!

Callum was one of EIGHT new additions to the #TeamScotlandChallenge shirts taking the overall total to 91!  Not bad considering I had only got 20 signatures in the last year.  The #TSC page will be updated shortly, but I amskinner thrilled to have added Callum, Caitlin McClatchey, Stephen Milne, Duncan Scott, Daniel Wallace, Katie Archibald, Grant Ferguson and Neil Fachie to the shirts.  NINETY ONE!!

I also started off some awesome new Team GB Olympic tshirts which I am hoping to work more on in the coming months before auctioning it off.  Among the names to signreid were double Paralympic wheelchair star and Wimbledon champion Gordon Reid and two time rowing champion Heather Stanning!  Amazing stuff🙂

stnoesOn my return to Glasgow I nipped along to Celtic Park to see who I could grab from the visiting Man City team and clocked some ace additions to the Celebrity Xmas Card Auction including Sir Rod Stewart, Pep Guardiola, Raheem Sterling and John Stones.  I also nabbed a couple of Celtic stars including Scott Sinclair and Moussa Dembele.

All in all, a pretty good evening.
Check out the awesome Current Xmas Cards and other goodies up for auction just now RIGHT HERE🙂

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asheDespite the result last night, I had a great night watching my first Warriors game since the Firhill days (thanks Lee Jones!) and left the game with some awesome goodies.

I’ve been at the Warriors Scotstoun Stadiumjones twice this week, having been invited over by Adam Ashe earlier in the week to collect some kit for auctioning.  I admit I had no idea what was coming, and I was stunned that he brought out a massive bag of kit bennettincluding shirts, training goodies and boots for me to auction.  I am thrilled, and cant thank Adam enough for his generosity and help.

I then popped down to Scotstoun for last night’s game and managed to get a couple of the shirts signed with some help from Lee again!  It’s now signed by squad members like recent Rio Olympics Silver Medal winner Mark Bennett, Stuart Hogg, Lee and loads more.  As I am sure you can see, that shirt looks awesome!

Speaking of Mark, he was also in the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games squad and became no83 to sign my #TeamScotlandChallenge shirts after recent successes from his Warriors teammate Tommy Seymour and athletes Steph Twell and Eilish McColgan.  It’s been a quiet year in the #TSC front, but thrilled to add four more names to the shirts🙂

coistyI also took the chance to get a couple of scattered Xmas Cards signed including a multi one from members of the winning Ulster team including Paddy Jackson as well as a bonus contribution from former Rangers and Scotland legend Ally McCoist.

All in all not a bad week.

Xmas Cards continue to fly out the door, raising loads of money, and more will be coming soon.  You can bid on loads right now BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE as part of my continuing fundraising for Children with Cancer UK

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Winter is Coming…

kit…so why not grab a Christmas Card signed by Jon Snow himself aka Kit Harington?

You can bid on Kit’s signed card and loads more right now @ THIS BIG SHINY RED LINK HERE

There are loads of other items there which could be an awesome Xmas Pressie or a wee treat for yourself.

All funds raised go to Children with Cancer UK as part of my on-going charity fundraising for them.

Thanks to all of you who have bid on items already and supported me in this endeavour🙂

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Xmas Card Auctions Going Well…

GollyI am thrilled with how well the Celebrity Christmas Card Auction is going, though I am going to resist updating the totals for a wee while (just not sixteen months this time ha!)  Items are flying out and I am hoping this continues in the coming months until Christmas.  There are loads more items coming online tonight, including this brilliant card from the main man behind Shaun the Sheep, Richard Starzak, signed under his previous name of Richard “Golly” Goleszowski.  It’s an ace piece showing Shaun in Dr Who mode with his sonic screwdriver…totally unique!

In the meantime, you can check out all my current auctions, Xmas Card and otherwise by clicking on this big shiny link here.

Thanks to all of you who have bid on items and won auctions so far🙂

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