2014 Celeb Christmas Card Auction

In recent years I have held some pretty big auctions of signed Xmas Cards, raising thousands of pounds in the process.  2011 was a pretty big year for me, and 2012 and 2013 flew past that in terms of quantity, success, and publicity.  Plans for 2014 are well underway, and cards are already flying in, see the list at the bottom of this page for a selection of people who have signed already. I’ll try and keep it updated during the year.  The 1st of November will see the auctions start, so be sure to be there!

In December 2012, numerous national newspapers picked up on my auction, and the result was articles like this amazing one in the Daily Record…

IMAG1507…while The Sun and The Express also picked up on the story.  2013 was a massive success with over £3500 raised!  I’m hoping to make it even bigger in 2014 and raise even more money for my charities.

If you’re a celebrity and/or public figure and reading this, please do take a moment to get in touch and arrange to sign a xmas card or two for the auction – every addition makes it bigger and better for the charities. :D

With an army of helpers around the country helping out getting items signed from people I would normally have no chance of reaching, this year really will be a big one for the Xmas Card Auction.  Thanks go to each and every one of them, with a special mention to the #GeordieMassive, amazingly marshalled by Josh Huntley who has on his own contributed over 200 cards in the last two years.  John Shearer, Darren Turner (who also takes loads of pics for me when I’m in the North East and is a very talented lad behind the lens) and all the others are amazing.  James Rhodes is getting in the act in Londinium town, while Adam Mather and Alex Crane pull together some goodies in Manchester, and not to be forgotten… it’s Paul Hudson and new addition Jake Ballard in the land of Norwich.  You are all awesome people.

Awesome people who have signed Xmas Cards for the 2014 auction include… (this page will be updated shortly to reflect incoming Xmas Cards!)