Arty Antics!

Welcome aboard, the latest idea for some awesome charity fundraising during 2014!  Introducing Arty Antics!  In the last few years doodles and artworks have played a huge part of my fundraising story for a long time and that is why I am so delighted to announce the themed auction that will take place towards the end of summer.

While recent art themes have focused on specific areas, Arty Antics! will run across the themes of the world, from doodles to comic art, from abstract to masterpieces.  Nothing is out of reach for Arty Antics! and I cannot wait to see what starts coming in for it.  I am going to create an individual page for the auction shortly, which I use to keep you all up to date with items coming in.  It’s going to be HUGE :D

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Magic, Cup Finals, Vests and More…


It took a bit of hunting down, but my thanks to those awesome folk at Hearts who helped me get these cup final photos signed by Tynecastle legend Rudi Skacel, each of which was signed with that momentous 5-1 scoreline added.  I had some of these a few years ago, and they flew out the door and I have no doubt that when these get auctioned they will do the same.  Feel free to make an offer if you like one.  Also in recently some magical items from Rupert Grint.  You’ll recall I met Rupert when I was in London and two of his signed Xma “s Cards sold for £50 each, and I was delighted that the letter I dropped in while down south in January bore fruit.  He signed a couple more Xmas DSCN4629cards as well as some Harry Potter Top Trumps cards.  I’m not sure why he signed them on the reverse… mind you maybe he didn’t like the memories of that GoF outfit, but both are signed in black marker as well.

I’ve also been working on “Best of the Vest” as you know, my master plan for signed Children with Cancer UK running vests, and have added some awesome ones to the selection.  Celtic, Motherwell and Kilmarnock Footy Clubs have both signed squad shirts – check out ‘Well star Henri Anier with the shirt HERE and a wee bonus was catching Xfactor winner Sam Bailey and finalist Luke Bailey at their hotel last week and they were kind enough to sign as well as adding Xmas Cards.   I also snapped up loads more boxing stuff the day before, and I will be adding that shortly :)

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A Total Knock Out of a Success (and a Dr Who bonus)

ricksterWhile I am taking that break from listing items, I am still working away at adding some awesome items to the stock and today I added the current WBO Lightweight Champion Boxer RICKY BURNS to the pot! 

Ricky has signed items for auction in the past, and they always go well, so I was delighted that he signed for “Best of the Vest” as well as the Xmas Card Auction 2014.  Oh and the gloves, always got to remember those.  As always, it was awesome watching Ricky work out in the ring, the speed of the lad is something else.

Away from the Robin collecting, there’s  new AWESOME Xmas Card helper in town… Jake Ballard COME ON DOWN!  Last years


 cards from John Hurt flew out the door and they were nowhere near as cool as this one with the additional message on it.  Or the proof photo.  Check it out, it’s JOHN HURT, The War Doctor, there, with my card.  Jake also snagged one from Newton Faulkner for me and I am delighted with both.


Many thanks to Jake for his assistance.  As a classic throwback, here’s me and John from a few years back.  I think he’s probably aged better. Ha.

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£2500 Donation & A Wee Break


I am delighted to announce that I made a donation of £2500 to Children with Cancer today as part of my continued fundraising for such an amazing cause.  I am really chuffed with how well the auctions went in the last month or so, and be able to take the amount donated even higher.

With that donation made, I have decided to take a wee break from the hectic life of auctioning items for a wee while to let me focus on myself for a wee bit.  I’ll still be getting items signed when I am out and about, and gearing up for the London Marathon in April, but I think it’s time to take a wee step back for a month or two and relax for a bit.  I am planning on a mini fire sale in the next couple of weeks to let me make a further donation to one of my charities and then it’s break time for a few months.

Thanks to everyone who helped me get this far with my fundraising :)

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It’s All Go!

Life is busy just now as I get ready for another huge round of auctions, while also firing out a LOT of letters and emails to source new items for auctioning during 2014!  I’m working on loads of new themes, including “Best of the Vest” which I am hoping to expand in the coming months, in time for the summer auction.


Right now there are some pretty cool items online HERE including this rather awesome multi signed Dr Who script, including John Barrowman, seen signing it in the image there.  It’s also signed by stunt co-ordinator Abbi Collins (who very kindly donated it), director Graeme Harper and guest star Paul O’Grady.  Also in the auctions just now are some awesome Dr


 Who doodles and Harry Potter signed items.  There’s a stunning signed Captain America promo photo from Hayley Atwell, a signed DVD cover from Dakota Blue Richards and a pretty rare item following his sad death, a stunning signed Dr Who


Alien Attax card from Roger Lloyd-Pack as John Lumic.

I’m on my limit for eBay sales this month, but you can expect loads more goodies going online at the weekend, including a whole raft of Olympic and Paralympic themed items as TeamGB and all the other countries get ready for the Sochi Winter Olympics.

In the meantime, CLICK HERE to check out the live auctions online just now :) Thanks.

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Gold, Gold, Gold and… Gold!



FOUR GOLD MEDAL WINNERS FROM LONDON 2012 IN ONE PHOTO – I am pretty chuffed with that one, so thanks to Chris Brown, Demetrius Pinder, Ramon Miller and Michael Mathieu.

DSCN4359They also signed a pretty cool item which you can find HERE in my new themed auction “Best of the Vest”

This awesome multi signed Team USA bib badge was donated by the awesome Mary Saxer, and is now signed by loads of the USA squad from the weekend including Mary, Richard Brown, Natasha Hastings and


Erik Kynard.

There were loads of big names in town and among the photos signed were these awesome ones from Kim Collins, Bernard Lagat, Richard Browne, James Dasaolu and DSCN4335the awesome Stef Reid (below).  Though gutted that Jonnie Peacock had to withdraw from the event, his replacement Michael Poulton was a pleasure to meet.  He only got involved in sport following the London Paralympics and it was great to chat to him.  Definitely one to keep an eye on in TeamGB.  Having met Jonnie and Richard previously, I completed the Top 3 from London 2012,


by meeting the awesome Arnu Faurie (below left) who signed several items.

Others signing over the weekend were Paula Radcliffe, Steve Cram, Lynn Davies, Colin


Jackson and Denise Lewis.

Team Scotland did outstandingly well over the weekend, with Laura Muir setting a Scottish record over 800metres.  She was happy to sign the results sheet from her event.

Last but not least, it wouln’t be right to miss an awesome TeamGB multi signed item, and here’s an awesome 12×8


signed by loads of the London squad including Tomlinson, Child, Dasaolu, Reid, Ford and Grabarz.

All in all a pretty cool weekend.

In other news, CLICK HERE to check out the 100 awesome signed items ending today.  The second Peter Capaldi artwork sold last night for £235 giving another awesome boost to the fundraising, and the weekend sales are already doing well.  More auctions going online tonight, so keep checking back :D

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London Marathon Update…

londonend1Opening my emails this morning brought some pretty cool news, an offer from Children with Cancer UK to take up a starting place in the Green “Celebrity” Pen at the race start line.   I have no idea who will be around me as the race starts, but it will certainly make it a more interesting event.  Many thanks to the CWCUK team for thinking of me, I was delighted to say yes to that offer :D

In the meantime, 130 or so signed items are up for grabs now, ending in the coming days, which can be found by CLICKING RIGHT HERE!!

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