2014 Cup Final Goodies – Aberdeen and St Johnstone!


Into my possession have come some rather awesome Cup Final goodies from both the 2014 Scottish Cup and Scottish League Cup.  First up, a rather superb photo of the St Johnstone team as Dave MacKay is about to lift the Cup.  It’s signed by loads in blackstj1 marker including scorers Anderson and MacLean, Mannus, Wotherspoon, O’Halloran, MacKay, Wright, Wright and more!  I’ve also got these brilliant 6×4 colour photos of manager Tommy Wright, one celebrating a cup final goal,the other with the trophy, both signed with “Scottish Cup Winners 2014″ added.  Awesome for Saints fans! Buy a bit of history and support an amazing charity :D

Next up, it’s the other cup final of the season… Aberdeen’s victory over Inverness Caley Thistle in the League Cup.  There are a couple of awesome items, including this stunning dons212×8 of the team celebrating as the trophy goes up signed by the likes of McGinn, Reynolds, Pawlett, Rooney, Langfield, Hayes and more.

There are also teamsheet goodies, one signed by 17, and one signed by Niall McGinn with “League Cup Winners dons3dons52014″ added to it.

All of these items are up for grabs now, ping me an offer and I will leave them open to bids for a couple of days depending on the interest :D Email bids to twelveby12@yahoo.co.uk or tweet @13challenge

All money raised from these will land in the pockets of Maggie’s Centres who provide awesome support for anyone affected by cancer :D  Let’s get some more money coming in folks :D

Muchos thanks to Niall and Tommy for their assistance in getting these items signed.

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New Items Being Added to Dr Who Extended Auction…

DSCN5210I have added some new items there to the Doctor Who Auction Page – clicky here to check them out – and hope to raise even more money for the awesome Maggie’s Centres – I always like making four figure donations, and it looks like I will be able to do that again when I head over to the centre in a couple of weeks.

There’s an awesome script section from “Blink” signed by FinlayDSCN5218 Robertson as Larry Nightingale plus awesome doodles from the likes of Raji James, Stuart Milligan, JC Wilsher and Sheila Reid.  Oh and a rare signed Dr Who trading card from Lily Cole!

There’s several non DW bonus items, ranging from hand written lyrics by Paul Carrack to a signed Da Vinci’s Demons DVD.  These auctions MUST end on Sunday, so don’t miss out.  I’m not extending them again this time and who knows what they could be worth by the next time they go up for grabs.

As a note, the highest bid I have had for the Capaldi art so far is £200, I turned it down as it didn’t meet my valuation.  Please bear that in mind when bidding.  I had one offer of a tenner, which is a bit pointless.  Thanks.

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Dr Who Auctions Continue…

After a fairly successful round of Dr Who auctions in the last week, there is loads of money coming in which will go to the wonderful folk at Maggie’s Centres and will be totalled up next week once the last Dr Who items have sold.pc1  The centrepiece of the auction has yet to go, namely the awesome drawing of Jon Pertwee by Peter Capaldi, but I have high hopes.  I did ask for sensible bids, but just to clarify that to the many who are emailing, bids that don’t reach triple figures have no chance!  To give you a big hint, I sold two artworks by Peter in January, both drawn in black marker alone, they raised £280 each.  This is much better, clearly, and the bid would have to reflect that to be accepted.

DSCN5147Items that did sell included my last complete Dr Who script, from episode “42” which sold to a late offer via Twitter last night as well as script pages from Barnaby Edwards and Felicity Kendal, and doodles from Tessa Peake-Jones, Prunella Scales and more.  I’m working my way back towards a further donation of £1000 to Maggie’s and I am looking forward to that day!

In the meantime, click here to check out the goodies on offer, more will be added during the course of today and tomorrow!

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Random Additions… auctioned via Twitter :D

DSCN5181Followers of my Twitter account will notice I am promoting some randomly selected items via @13challenge just now.  These items will be updated on here, but they are just as they suggest.. random items whic h I have collected over the course of time, and am now doing flash auctions of them via twitter.  I’ll accept all fair bids, and sell quickfire to increase my donations to Maggie’s Centres this month :D

If you’ve followed through to this blog via my Twitter from one of those links, then WELCOME :D Please check out my other auctions running via this blog, by CLICKING HERE.

DSCN5183Early additions to the list include the pair of 7×5 photos from St Mirren legend Isma DSCN5182Goncalves celebrating Cup Semi and Final goals on his way to lifting the cup, and signed Celtic and Dundee United Teamsheets.

More to follow.  And remember to…



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Commonwealth Games in Glasgow (Part 2)

Through the Commonwealths, I managed to meet loads of competitors, which was absolutely awesome!  For those I couldn’t meet for various DSCN5177reasons,  I was thrilled with those who were kind enough to send me some items through the post.  I’ll  need to do a part 3 to list them all, but included are these amazing pieces. Pictured left is an awesome GB swimcap arranged by Amy Smith.   It’s difficult to picture because of the material, but it’s signed by 10 including Fran Halsall, Liam Tancock, Joe Roebuck and Welsh star Georgia Davies who took home a gold and silver from Glasgow.  Amusingly, AmyDSCN5176 forgot to sign it herself :D  Keeping with the swimming theme, however, and this awesome official TeamEngland tshirt was donated by Max Litchfield, and this one does have Amy’s signature on it :)  It’s also signed by Roebuck and Tancock as well as multi medal winners Ben Proud and Adam Peaty, Lewis Coleman , Andy Willis, Ellie Faulkner, Rebecca Turner, Molly Renshaw and loads more!


I mentioned yesterday that Olympic Gold and Commonwealth Silver Medal winner Chris Brown had donated some kit.  Here’s possibly the most awesome bit of it, his race suit with number still attached to it from the Games.  It’s not signed, but I am pretty sure it doesn’t need it.  It’s just awesome!


Alison Waters took home a silver medal from Glasgow, and just before the games started she was kind enough to send me a wee package that included this TeamEngland vest, signed in black marker with her world squash DSCN5165ranking added beneath it.

Also donating official Team England gear was 10000m runner Sonia Samuels, who sent up an envelope which included this awesome Kukri made shirt in the iconic design worn by England during the Games, signed in black marker with her distance added under.

Right, we’ve gone too long without a mention of #TeamScotland!  800m runner Emily Dudgeon had spoken to me before the gamesDSCN5175 and promised to send something once they were over.  I was absolutely thrilled when this Scotland tshirt popped through my letterbox, signed by Emily, to date the only bit of official DSCN5170Scottish kit I have in the auction!

Moving around the UK to the Welsh squad, their national table tennis champion Charlotte Carey was awesome enough to send one of the playing shirts she was issued for Glasgow, signed on the reverse under her name.


One “in person signature” I forgot to add yesterday is the main coe1man himself,  double Olympic Gold & Silver medal winner Lord Sebastian Coe!  Lord Coe was, just as when I met him previously, brilliant and was happy to stop for me.  He posed for this pic at his hotel, and then signed a CWCUK vest with his awesome full signature straight across the middle.

DSCN5161 DSCN5162Scottish cyclist Lucy Coldwell was kind enough to donate a couple of her tops to me, both signed on the reverse.  I’ll say this… you won’t miss her when she’s out on the course…. these are BRIGHT!


Britt Goodwin, British Women’s Handball #9 donated a couple of items, including this awesome TeamGB London 2012 player issue shirt which (to quote her) may or may not have been usedDSCN5157 during the games.  It’s signed on the front, with her name and number on the reverse as well.  She also sent a British Handball shirt used just before the Games, multi signed by the majority of the London 2012 squad.

More to come…

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Commonwealth Games in Glasgow (Part 1)

I’ve been busy with 101 other things in the last week or so, including the DR WHO THEMED CHARITY AUCTION (with BONUS OTHER ITEMS) which you should totally check out, and because of this I’ve not yet posted my story of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in my home city of Glasgow. WOW it was a great time.  Loads of athletes contributed items for auction, and I managed to meet the likes of David Millar, Michael Jamieson, Josh Taylor, Chris Brown and loads orchard1more.  I got to wear a Gold Medal round my neck, I met some truly amazing people.  Here’s a rough story of what went down with those I did meet.   I spent a lot of time getting a Games tshirt signed by as many as I could meet, you’ll see that at the end of this post, it’s an awesome one!  ALL THESE ITEMS WILL BE COMING TO A MASSIVE SPORTS THEMED CHARITY AUCTION IN SEPTEMBER ON THIS BLOG, BUT IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A BID… YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME :)

Let’s start with a quality one, and my own gold medal which Simon Orchard of the Aussie Hockey Team was happy for me to have a shot of :D  From the same team, Trent Mitton was kind enough to donate one of his 2014 branded tshirts, which looks awesome,mitton2 signed with “Glasgow 2014″ added.

One of the stars of the Games was Adam Gemili who went home with two silver medals (I was lucky enough to see him win 100m silver in person at Hampden thanks to being gifted gemili1tickets by James Smyth!) and he was awesome when I caught him going for a wee wander out the village.   barnaby1

Jared Connaughton of Team Canada was one of the first to come through with a multi signed item when he produced one his running vests signed by loads of the Canadian athletes including Liz Gleadle, Josh Cassidy and Derek Drouin.

His Canadian team mate, cyclist Aidan Caves was the first competitor I met at the games, and he donated loads of items, including this caves1awesome shirt he wore in the Canadian Junior Track Championships.

I managed to cross paths with loads of Team Scotland Medal Winners, including Michael Jamieson who astoundingly


 remembered me from two years ago when I last met him!   Josh Taylor and Stephen Lavelle both took home medals (gold and bronze respectively) from Glasgow and both were kind enough to stop and sign for me, even if it was pouring down some of the time.  Signing under an umbrella in the Scottish josh1“Summertime” can be horrific, but I managed to pull it off I think.  There’s me with Josh the day after the games ended!

The kit donations stayed pretty steady through the games, with some people really going above and beyond to come out and meet me, as brown1well as handing over goodies for me to auction.

Chris Brown, Olympic Gold Medal winner, had been trying to cross paths with me for several weeks, since the Diamond League, and we finally managed it the day after the games ended, with his donations including this Bahamas tshirt, and his actual race kit from the games, with number still attached to the front.  He also brough me a tshirt for myself… what a guy!


Welsh badminton star Joe Morgan met up with me in Central Station where he gave me a couple of his own shirts, with Glasgow 2014 branding, signed by the Welsh squad, like the one pictured there, while fellow badmintoners, the chambersx2Northern Irish brother and sister pairing Ciaran and Sinead Chambers, who signed a 2014 tshirt they very kindly gave me.


Paddy Barnes has won two bronze medals at the Olympics, and successfully defended his Gold Medal at Commonwealth level.  He signed a few items including this mini Lonsdale glove for auctioning. guernsey1

Guernsey swimmers James Jurkiewicz and Alexander Beaton nipped out to see me and James very kindvest1ly came up with some awesome items for me to auction, including a signed pair of England swim shorts from Ben Proud and a multi signed shirt from the Wales swim team.  Well chuffed I was.  Swimmers have been awesome to me during the games, and Northern Ireland’s Danielle Hill who pulled out all the stops to get me some amazing items, like this multi signed CWCUK vest with loads of the biggest medal winners in swimming history like Chad Le Clos, James Magnussen, Ross Murdoch and loads more.  It’s mindblowing!collis1

Next to step up is the awesome Collis Birmingham, double Olympian, and one who has supported my fundraising in the past.  Collis very kindly donated one of his Team Australia vests, which he signed despite it being horrible weather when he came to meet me.


Keeping it down under, Kiwi boxer Leroy Hindley popped out with a tshirt signed by himself and five other NZ boxers, including eventual gold medallist David Nyika!burton1

Scotland’s Euan Burton carried the Saltire into the Opening Ceremony and went on to win Judo Gold before retiring from the sport, and I luckily spotted him as he left the village to get a taxi, and he added his signature to a few items for me.

If you want awesomeness, it’s meeting Team GB medal winners, and here’s England’s pooley1silver medal winning high jumper Isobel Pooley who not only signed items for auction but also donated one of her Glasgow2014 competition crop tops, which she has signed with her medal details and PB jump on it.smyth1

One of the most awesome people I met during the games was Jason Smyth, four time Paralympic gold winner, who was kind enough to give me a couple of tickets for the athletics at Hampden, meaning I got to see the mens 100m final and Libby Clegg winning Scotland’s record breaking 13th Gold. It was amazing to soak up the atmosphere of the night and get to enjoy the games in person. I can’t thank Jason taylor1enough for his generosity.

As I mentioned already, the Canadian guys were awesome in supporting my auctions, and I bumped into middle distance runner Taylor Milne, following his post games celebrations in town.  It was hammering it down so I was unable to get any items signed, but he was kind enough to hand me a bag of Canadian goodies.  Fellow runnerbarnaby2 Daundre Barnaby also handed over some of his kit, the Canadian top he has been using for warm ups.

I promised you a pic of the tshirt I had been working on, so here it is, in all it’s glory.  Everyone who donated kit during the Games signed it, along with a lot lot more!  Among the signatures are 2014 Medal Winners Greg Rutherford, Kim Mickle, Paddy Barnes, Sally Pearson, Claudia Fragapane, Euan Burton, Michael Jamieson, Josh Taylor, Conrad Williams, Adam Gemili, David Weir and loads more.  It’s also got athletics legends like Victoria tshirt1Pendleton, Steve Cram, Jonathan Williams and Colin Jackson.

I will be doing a full signature map of this shirt before it’s auctioned, but suffice to say it’s one of the big stars of the fundraising.

I’ve got more items to upload, including loads who have sent me kit through the post for my auctions, but that will come tomorrow :D


(In the meantime please, CLICK HERE to check out all the awesome items currently available for bidding!) All auctions ending in August are in support of Maggie’s Centres.

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Dr Who Auction is LIVE!

To anyone landing on this page after 24th August, please note the listings are live until 31st August, with all unsold items from last week extended, and some new goodies added. Make sure you check them out while you can.. when it’s finished it’s finished!

The first set of items up for grabs in my 2014 Doctor Who charity auction are now available for bidding, either by clicking the link above in the main menu or by CLICKING HERE!  TheDSCN5105 first two sections are currently listed, along with their finishing times, as I have opted to stagger the end times a little bit to help me manage the busy closing periods.  There are loads of DW goodies, like the Arthur Darvill card pictured, as well as some bonus items from Star Wars, Wicked, Fawlty Towers and more.  Well worth having a look :D  More items will be added on in the coming days, so please keep checking back.

As always, bidding is by email (twelveby12@yahoo.co.uk) or Twitter (@13challenge), and I’ll update the bid amounts as time passes.  Full instructions along with postage details etc are on the bidding page.  Payment as always is though Paypal (or in person if local to me in Glasgow for security on both sides)

DSCN5054Auctions of items on my own page allowed me to donate £2400 to Maggie’s Centres, and all items sold in August will go to the same amazing cause.  I’d love to hit four figures again and already have a third of that in the bank for donating.  These auctions all end on Sunday August 24th, across the evening, the day after The Doctor returns to our screens in his new Scottish style.

Well… what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE and get bidding … there’s some ACE items up for grabs (see what I did there?!?!)

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