pc3Wow, just wow.  If you could have seen my face when this mail was opened.  Long term supporters of my fundraising will know that Peter Capaldi has supported my charity work with some pretty awesome items in the past and this week is no exception.  Along with the promo card donations, he contributed to the Xmas Card Auction and created two stunning artworks.

Earlier this year I auctioned two artworks from Peter which raised over £500 and were black and white, this time we have colour, we have awesomeness, we have the man debuting as The Doctor this month!  pc1

First up is this awesome piece depicting Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor, drawn on white 8×5 card, with the Tardis in the background.  It has his full signature on it, and is dated 29 July 2014.  The second piece is some rather scary Dr Who Monsters… drawn on the same size of card.  The nature of the crayon/paint/pens used means the cards are slighted ridged.


These amazing pieces have just made my day, made my year.  I think I may launch a mini Dr Who Art Auction on the back of these, but if anyoe wants to make a SERIOUS bid for either or both, let me know.  All proceeds will go to Maggie’s Centres, so you can make a difference and own a piece of Dr Who History.  Email or tweet me @13challenge to talk moolah :D

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Total Madness!

madness1 madness2 madness3An awesome mail delivery today courtesy of the Madness guys, massive thanks to them for supporting my fundraising again :D

Suggs, Kix, Monsieur Barzo, Woody and the guys have all signed items, including this awesome photo, christmas cards and some doodles.  They supported my auctions last year with items selling for £50+ each, and I am thrilled that I got some doodles from them this time, like this piece from Woody and Kix.

Very Happy Robin.

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It’s All Quiet, But All Goooooooooooooooooooood!

Since my £2400 donation to Maggie’s Centres was made the other week, more money has continued to come in for some recently received items, so I am delighted to say I will be making another wee donation will be made in the very near future.  It won’t be huge, but a few more hundred pounds will find their way into the kitty which can never be a bad thing.  I’ll also have news in the not too distant future about some volunteering I will be doing, again pretty cool.

In the meantime, the madness of the Games has hit Glasgow and I am quietly working away in the background at sourcing items.  I’ve been lucky enough already to meet several competitors involved, and will be updating the blog shortly  with some goodies that I have receieved :D I am having a few problems uploading images to the blog just now, not sure why, so will hold off the surprises of who has helped out until I can put pics alongside :D  It goes without saying that HUGE thanks to those who have come on board :D

Keep watching this space :D

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Auction Delayed Slightly…

I have decided to delay the auction for a couple of weeks as I believe I will be able to source some more awesome items during and in the period after the games are complete. I’ve had loads of offers of items for auction after the games have finished so it makes sense to hold off until then to maximise the money coming in for the charity :D

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for more info come August :D

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New Auction Goodies

a3Check out this awesome item which came in for auction this morning. Pictured left is one of the official athlete issue TeamGB tops issued during London 2012, which have some additions (like the gold banding on the neckline) to ones for general sale.  This one belonged to swimmer Siobhan O’Connor who was kind enough to sign it along with the other seven Olympians who train with her including Jemma Lowe, Elizabeth Simmonds and silver medal winner Michael Jamieson.  HUGE thanks to the awesome Siobhan for going above and beyond.

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I’d like to thank the mental Geordie Massive who not only support my fundraising through getting items signed, are now selling some of their personal collection with the money going into the pot, via my JustGiving Page which means the money is

You can find the goodies being organised for sale by the awesome Josh on the GeordieMassive Facebook Page – CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT  There are some pretty cool items going at good prices.  Don’t forget to like the page when you swing by.

I’d like to thank Josh and the guys for going above and beyond, I’ll add the amount onto the totaliser following the upcoming Commonwealth/Olympic themed auction, with the first new donation already having come in to the page.

Thank you to all involved :)

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Diamonds in the Rough…

With a lot going on in the last few days, I was delighted to be able to spend time meeting some of the best athletes in the world.  I don’t get much time to myself at weekends due to DSCN4883work, so I am a very happy Robin having added loads of awesome items to my upcoming Commonwealth and Olympic themed charity auction which will start within seven days as Glasgow 2014 draws closer!

One thing Robin enjoys is meeting athletes, and I was delighted to bump into one of the nicest guys in sport Greg Rutherford who signed some items for auctioning, as did one of the fastest men in the world.. Yohan Blake, though he did seem rather distracted when he realised DSCN4878he was meeting me!  I have some awesome signed DSCN4962photos





from The Beast which will be included in the auction this month!  I can seriously say I was delighted to meet him.

Who else was about this weekend?  Olympic Gold medal winners David Rudisha, Tomasz Majewski, Sally Pearson, Nesta Carter, Christian Taylor, Ashton Eaton, Allyson Felix and DSCN4960Keshorn Walcott as well as Paralympic stars David Weir, Jonnie Peacock, Brent Lakatos, Arnu Fourie, Richard Browne, Stef Reid, Kenny van Weeghel and upcoming star Will Smith. 

Among the items I was working on to get signed over the week was one of my Children with Cancer UK vests which is only signed by Olympic and Paralympic medal winners.  Christian Taylor was kind enough to pose with it, though the light seems to have messed with DSCN4953the photo a bit so you can’t see most of the signatures unless you squint, but here’s the close up I took when I got home.  vest1




It’s pretty awesome, even if I do say so myself, and will be auctioned ahead of the 2015 London Marathon as part of “Best of the Vest”.  DSCN4954

perkovic1Massive thanks go to Sandra Perkovic (London Discus Gold Medal) for donating two of her Croatia shirts for auction (one white, left, one red) and Beijing Silver Medal winnign High Jumper Blanka Vlasic who donated five bit of kit for me to auction including this awesome custom Adidas race shirt (look closely for the signature, its in blue)DSCN4959

There’s too many names to mention, but the goodies are currently being added to the auction list for that epic Commonwealth and Olympic auction and all will be revealed in due course :)  There’s a couple of pics there from Kilty, Peacock, Browne and Rutherford to whet the tastebuds.



I’ll leave you with a two time Olympic Gold Medal winner, Jamaica’s Nesta Carter, I’ve got a signed 5×3 white card available when the auction starts.

Once again my thanks to all those who signed for me over the week, especially those I had several items for auction.  There’s honestly too many of you to name here, but you’ll all be listed when the auction starts, so THANK YOU :)

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