New Celeb Signed Xmas Cards Online NOW

DSCN5514There  are loads of new signed Xmas Cards online tonight running for the next week, including this piece from Fabrice Muamba.  CLICK HERE to check out what has been added to the list.  The auctions that ended on Sunday went very well, bring on more money coming in for Children with Cancer UK.  Get your bids in!

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Xmas Card Auctions Ending Tonight… Get Your Bids IN!

I am delighted with the bids coming in for my charity fundraising auctions this week, andDSCN5473 there are a load of awesome items which end tonight as part of my fundraising for Children with Cancer UK.  You can check them out here and you’ll find goodies like this signed Xmas Card from POTC and Hunger Games star Sam Claflin!

I also have this ace arrival this morning from Andy De Emmony famous for his directing credits on shows like the iconic DSCN5480Spitting Image.  He was also involved with Red Dwarf during it’s original run, and both his Xmas Card and doodle are themed to that.  They’re not on the auction list yet, but if you’re interested, give me a shout :D

Thanks :D

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New Celeb Signed Xmas Cards Online NOW


Click here to check out the awesome items I have up for auction at the moment.

I am delighted to announce I have some more Xmas Cards up for grabs right now with even more on the way after the first ones sold over the weekend.   Included is this ace signed card from Peter Capaldi which was sent to me last year, and has an awesome full signature and added message from Dr Who!

There are also Xmas Cards from the lands of Harry Potter, Sherlock, Dr Who and more.  Below that, scrolling down the auction page you’ll find some awesome sports items,DSCN5429 including official Glasgow2014 Commonwealth kit and loads more.  Please do check them out and spread the word.

To the right, signed Xmas Card from Camille Coduri aka Jackie Tyler in Dr Who.

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The Xmas Card with the XFACTOR!

I nipped into town tonight to see who was about, and bumped into last years XFactor nicky1runner up Nicholas McDonald who was happy to contribute to the Xmas Card Auction.  I’ve decided to toss the card straight nicky2into the auction now, with 48 hours to go and see what it can raise :D Many thanks to Nicky for being kind enough to sign for me, even though I was the only guy in a crowd of girls.


Many thanks to all.

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Xmas Card Auction is McBusted Wide Open!

I am still in the process of adding Xmas Cards into the auction list, but there are some pretty cool goodies which just came in and are on the list, including the six guys from mcbustedMcBusted who have multi signed a card for me to auction.  It’s an awesome item, and one sure to raise loads of money for Children with Cancer UK :D  Keeping the BoyBand theme going, the guys from Union J have also signed a card for me, which looks pretty darned good as well.  I’m doing some pretty heavy twitter promotion for these unionjcards as well as the others I am adding on, but if you know anyone who would be interested in either of these ace cards, give them a shout with the link to the blog.

The Xmas Card Auction can be found HERE and there are loads of other cool items in the auction as well.  Auctions will end on Monday 20th October, with all proceeds going into my donation to Children with Cancer UK ahead of the London Marathon 2015.  More items to be added to the auction list tonight and tomorrow, so please keep checking back.

#pleasespreadtheword #telltheworld! #thanks

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Great Scottish Run no7

Well there we go, Great Scottish Run No7 under my belt, in a confirmed time of 2.51.39, though I had it timed as a second quicker for my photo as you’ll see :D  With a return togsr1 Pollok Park after last year’s detour down to the tall ship and the transport museum, it meant the undulating hills were back to hit us in style, though strangely enough in reverse, as we entered where we normally exit in this race.  Given I ended the GNR four weeks ago beyond the three hour mark, I was delighted to bring myself back down well under that time, even if it was longer than the PB I set last year in Glasgow.  I blame the new hills :D  What is without doubt cool is my finisher photo, where I got to wear not only my medal, but Euan Burton’s Commonwealth Gold and Eilidh Child’s Commonwealth Silver and Euro Gold.  Seriously awesome, thank you to both for being so brilliant with all of us through the day.


Earlier in the day, pre race, I took my life in my own hands and nabbed Charlie Flynn’s gold medal, which The Mailman himself took in the boxing in Glasgow during the summer.  Another great photo, and a lovely guy.  Its a lucky thing it stayed dry for the gsr3day, as my race number ended up being signed by the three commonwealth stars plus Dougie Vipond, Cal MacAninch and Shauna MacDonald.  A nice one for my own collection as most of the big des1race numbers end up on my wall.

I also couldn’t resist a mid race selfie with someone… this time it was comedian and Clyde 1 presenter Des Clarke, who promptly announced via his mic that he was available for selfies.  Quality pic!

I will leave you with the one second out finisher photo, bring on number 8 next year!


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Return of the Gold Winners…

Things I enjoy… meeting Olympic and Commonwealth stars. Things I enjoy more… meeting Gold Medal winners :D  And a few of them I did meet today!  It was #SUPERSATURDAY in Great Scottish Run weekend, with the kids taking centre stage. How awesome was it to see Edna Kiplagat and Tiki Gelana high fiving one year olds ahead of the toddlers’ race?

For me, I headed out to see some of the elite athletes, but the bonus of the day was meeting Ross Murdoch, who brought his two Commonwealth medals along with him.  Ross was kind enough to sign a couple of items for me including a ChildrenDSCN5372 with Cancer UK vest, on which he has added “Glasgow 2014″ as well as signing one of the awesome Commonwealth Games Comp Slips I have.  It’s only been Gold medal winners signing them so far, so it was pretty cool to add 2014 Marathon winner Michael Shelley, who also signed a vest for me.  I asked him to go easy on me tomorrow, though he agrees with me that we both need Haile to back off and give us a chance to win.  shelley1Speaking of The Little Emperor, he has signed loads for me in the past, but managed to vanish into the early morning sunshine after starting one of the kids races, but not before I snaffled this quick pic with him.  There’s no better way to prepare for a half marathon than to meet the Greatest distancehaile1 runner of all time.

All done with the guys, and it was on to two of the greatest female distance runners of our era.  Tiki Gelana is the current Olympic Marathon champion, and she signed a card as well as posing for a pic with me, as did Edna Kiplagat who is the current World Champion over the same distance. Pretty cool.

kip1Tomorrow brings half marathon day for me.  My seventh Great Scottish Run Half in a row, and it looks like it’s going to be a nice day for it.  I can’t wait to get stuck into the route again!

Bring on tomorrow!




Please check out both pages, there’s loads of ace goodies in there, running in my auctions in support of Children with Cancer UK, for whom I am running tomorrow and in the London Marathon next year :D


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