Dr Who Art Countdown – THREE Days To Go!

Do you know what? I REALLY love this Dr Who Art Auction Countdown, and I REALLY love the amazing items which come through my door for the auction as each day progresses.  Yesterday an item promised for auction arrived, and it’s simply amazing.

Calvin Dean was one of the catalyst characters in the opening scenes of The Gift (Series 3 Episode 11 of The Sarah Jane Adventures), with his body having been stolen by the Slitheen as they tried to squash the earth into a giant diamond with a matter compressor.  His character, Chris, was eventually executed by the Blathereen under the pretence of protecting the earth.

You’ll know I love it when an actor contributes something specifically to do with their character, and today’s countdown item goes one better.

Calvin has very kindly donated his script from The Gift Part 1 (identified on the cover as “The Sarah Jane Adventures 3 Episode 11 by Rupert Laight”).  This is an official shooting script, labelled on each page with the episode details, the cover has the shooting date as well as Calvin’s name hand written on the top right, and the travel dates on the top right.

Making this extra awesome, Calvin has drawn an awesome artwork of his character in Slitheen form on the front of the script, in black marker.  He’s also added “Chris ‘Cute Slitheen’!” above to identify his character, as well as a brilliant “FAAAART” sound effect in line with the gassy problems caused by a Slitheen inhabiting a human body.  The script is signed alongside the artwork in the same black marker pen.

With just THREE days to go until The Ultimate Doctor Who Art Auction 2012, I think you will agree, this is one heck of an awesome item!

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