Imagine that in just the same tone as used by Rick Savage on the telly :D  I’m seriously blown away with how well the auctions have gone in the last couple of weeks, with the total going to Children with Cancer UK rising by the day.   These were the final auctions until DSCN5497some special plans I have for December (more on that to follow nearer the time), but there is still time to make an offer for the auctions that didn’t sell, including this awesome signed Xmas Card from Thor and Avengers star Tom Hiddleston.

Click HERE to check out all the items remaining, I won’t be making the donation to CWCUK until all the items have reached their donations as I like all buyers to be happy with items in their hands before passing the money on :)  Short story this means that you can still add to the total (which is already awesome by the way, a very cool three figure amount!) by making an offer for any of those items that don’t say SOLD next to them yet.  Just email me on and we’ll see if we can work out something.

As you can probably tell, I am pretty excited about this donation, and it’s all thanks to the awesome celebs who sign for me, the amazing people who help me get items signed and you wonderful people who bid on my items.

Anyways, enough rambling, stuff to do, auction items to post and all that jazz.


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This is IT. Final Day for November. Xmas Cards – BID NOW.

Now is the time, now is the hour.  Well, the hour of finishing is tonight, but you get the DSCN5553 point :D  Christmas Cards galore up for DSCN5559grabs just now in support of Children with Cancer UK, who are my charity of choice for the London Marathon in 2015!DSCN5551 DSCN5541

Capaldi, Grylls, Seagal, Suchet, just a few of the awesome items I DSCN5515 have up for grabs just now.



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DSCN5551Right, sucked in again for a few final days.  CLICK HERE to check out the awesome items which are up for grabs right now. A few Xmas Cards sold this week, but I’d like to see a few more go into the pot for CWCUK, so I have stuck another three days onto the auction. Every item on that page is up for grabs, so get your bids in.  I’ll stick a few more on over the weekend as well, so it’s worth checking back.

The Doctor Who Finale is this weekend, grab a signed Xmas Card from Peter Capaldi at the same time to celebrate!


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Last Day of Auctions…

This is one of the quiet weeks, where bidding doesn’t seem to be kicking off too well, but fear not, there are still 12 hours to go on these amazing items!  Behind the scenes I have made a few decent sales to some of my regular supporters, and I am delighted to say when I make a donation to Children with Cancer UK next week, I will have hit the mini target I was talking about in a previous post.  I am planning on taking a wee break from auctioning items for a month or so, with some plans in place to do something for a very special cause in December, so keep an eye out on my blog to see what is coming next :)

DSCN5550Right now you can bid on my awesome items here, including Xmas Cards from the worlds of sport, film, tv, music and more!  Fancy a bit of kit from the Commonwealth Games teams? This is your place. Click this text to be transported to my auctions! :)

In other news, my legs have recovered from the arduous Southside Six, this photo has 15092094894_bd55489939_oemerged online of me at the finish line, I think it sums the event up nicely, the moment of success, relief, disbelief that I got through the event.   Once again thanks to all those who helped me through the tough times!

Now, go check out those auctions, lets get this donation even higher!

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Race Day – Southside Six!

Ah The Southside Six, how I love and loathe you at the same time! For the uninitiated, it’s 26km of road, trail, steps, mud, puddles, more steps, through the parks of Glasgow’s ss6Southside.  I can assure you if that sounds easy, it’s not.  Heavy rainfall last night ensured a wet course, though thankfully for the most part the skies managed to remain merciful to us while out on the course.  It has been a close run thing before, but today I was last to cross the finish line after climbing the hill to the middle of Queen’s Park, and do you know what? I am bloody proud of it!  I can honestly say of the three times I have taken on this course, this was the toughest.  Massive thanks have to go to Katy and Chris,  the tail runners who kept me going when I felt like giving up and for being there throughout, even when I tried to escape.  To all the volunteers who marshalled the route, checked off our stickers, provided Haribo, who cheered and high fived… you’re all supreme.  Allan and Nick, you’re going to have to stop putting on such a great race, or else I am going to find myself lining up again in 2015.  And feeling this pain all over again.

This was my final event of a quiet 2014 in terms of runs, and it ranks up there with London, the GNR and the GSR both in terms of toughness and quality.  The all inclusive nature of it makes it a superb event, as it would be easy to let the club runners take all the plaudits and forget about the little people.  Or the bigger little people like me.   I clocked somewhere in the region of 3.38, but have no idea how I did the final 5k today.  It was very much a case of telling myself I had a CWCUK vest, a little bit of leg pain is nothing, the feeling of wanting to vomit after hiking up the steps of Queen’s Park will pass.  I’ve never failed to finish a race, and I never will.

In the meantime, thanks hugely to everyone again, and if you’re a first time visitor to my blog please check out the charity option… have a look at my awesome range of celebrity signed xmas cards and more RIGHT HERE.

bring on #ss6 2015!!

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This Card Gives Some Leverage!

DSCN5532As a MASSIVE fan of Coupling, I was delighted to get this card in from Gina Bellman recently.  Gina, as well as hitting it big in the States with “Leverage”, is best known as the more than slightly crazy Jane in Coupling.  The cards came with a note apologising for not doing a wee doodle for me, based on her lack of artistic skill.

Anyways, this card is about to be added to the auction list along with all the other amazing pieces.  Check them all out one by clicking here :D  Thanks.

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More & More Xmas Cards…

There are loads of new Xmas Cards on the list DSCN5497including this superb contribution from Tom Hiddleston aka Loki in the Avengers and Thor films.  Last year’s card from Tom raised £200… how close can we get to that this year!


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